Reflection: Dig In! Day 1 - Section 2: Creating Shapes


I created the template for the triangles (isosceles right triangles whose legs are 3 inches long) on graph paper.  When I made copies of the template, the grid on the graph paper was apparent.  This was a mistake.  When my students started finding area, several of them counted the number of squares, resulting in an area of 288.  This necessitated a brief discussion of what this number, 288, represented (area in terms of square quarter inches) - a discussion that I really didn't want to have at that time.  

Next time I do this lesson - I've got to remember to photocopy on a lighter setting so that the grid does not show up!

  My Template for the Triangles
  My Template for the Triangles
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Dig In! Day 1

Unit 1: Tools of Geometry
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: This lesson, the first in the course, SWBAT activate prior knowledge about triangles and polygons and engage in group work.

Big Idea: Want to find out how many unique shapes can be created using four congruent isosceles right triangles? Dig in!

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Math, Geometry, Triangles, hypotenuse, Isosceles triangle, isosceles right triangle, legs, Polygon
  100 minutes
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