Reflection: Joy Math Treasure Hunt - Section 2: Teaching the Lesson


The math activity involved a series of 14 math problems. The problems were hung around the room. Students moved around from problem to problem, recording the answers on their record sheets. Students were so engaged in solving the problems. They worked to get an answer that was on the record sheet (there were many more numbers on the sheet than they needed.) I saw students running to the class number grid, counting tens and ones on the back of their paper, drawing tally marks, asking for individual grids, checking number lines, and puzzling to solve the problem in their heads. Seeing students so invested in solving the problems was a rewarding experience. These kids felt empowered to really do math and the excitement filled the room. 

(Sure it was noisy, but the learning in the room was worth every bit of the noise that the students generated. Watching the kids really engage with math was more than exciting.)

  Engaged in Mathematical Thinking
  Joy: Engaged in Mathematical Thinking
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Math Treasure Hunt

Unit 14: Length
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT determine the operation needed to complete a math word problem and to solve it independently.

Big Idea: Students have worked with models and strategies to solve a variety of math problems. Today they will need to use those strategies to complete the math tasks.

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Math, Measurement and Methods, addition, subtraction, problem and solution
  65 minutes
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