Reflection: Debate Say What? Paraphrasing - Section 2: Renaming a Chapter


This sentence starts a debate that was wonderful. Can we use the word undiscovered when there were already people there?" Another student asks, "Isn't that taking credit of something you didn't really do, like taking the author's words?" 

This was so exciting and I really wanted to jump on the opportunity to have the students discuss this. However, I really needed to finish the lesson. So I asked two students to write down these two questions on a a couple of sticky notes. I have board in my room labeled "What's the Scoop." I tell them to add the stickies to it so that we can come back and debate this when we have more time. I try to get to the "scoop" board within the day or at least the week. The class usually reminds me often that there are stickies on it, so it doesn't go long before we have to address what is on it. 


  Debate! Debate!
  Debate: Debate! Debate!
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Say What? Paraphrasing

Unit 13: Preparing for Research and Note Taking
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT paraphrase in writing a selection from a a non fiction text.

Big Idea: Paraphrasing is very tricky to do and understanding the rules of plagiarism are important as they are learning to research. This lesson is to help students get better at using their notes to create good sentences that are in their own words.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, paraphrasing, paraphrase, note taking
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