Reflection: Dig In! Day 1 - Section 2: Creating Shapes


For the first class in which I taught this lesson, I allowed the students to seat themselves in groups of four.  This worked out okay until we got to the points in the lesson in which the students had to tape the triangles together and display the triangles on poster paper.  At the risk of sounding sexist (I'm really not!), the groups that were comprised entirely of boys struggled.  I had to give these groups impromptu lessons on taping, and nicely remind them that their posters were actually going to be displayed.  Clearly the appearance of their posters was not a priority for these groups of guys!

As a result of this, I chose the groups ahead of time in my remaining classes.  I created slips of paper with their names on them and placed them on the desks before the students arrived.  I was careful to create mixed groups, splitting the boys and girls up as evenly as I could.  This made for much nicer posters and, even more importantly, seemed to foster better and more focused discussion.  I will always do this in the future!


  Seating Arrangements Make a Difference
  Seating Arrangements Make a Difference
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Dig In! Day 1

Unit 1: Tools of Geometry
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: This lesson, the first in the course, SWBAT activate prior knowledge about triangles and polygons and engage in group work.

Big Idea: Want to find out how many unique shapes can be created using four congruent isosceles right triangles? Dig in!

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Math, Geometry, Triangles, hypotenuse, Isosceles triangle, isosceles right triangle, legs, Polygon
  100 minutes
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