Reflection: Joy Divide thousands using Expanded Notation and Pizza - Section 2: Concept development


This was a really fun lesson.  Anytime I can incorporate a game, and partner or trio work, students leave feeling like they had fun, besides the fact that they did math.  I heard lots of students commenting how easy the expanded notation method is for them. When I asked some student about this remark, I asked if they though the area model helped them be prepared for this method or if they thought they would have been just as successful with out the area model  Many students reported that they thought the area model did set them up to be successful with this method. As you can see in my reflection video,  this game also allowed me to observe students and discover students (immediately) that were struggling with four digit dividends. This is definitively an added bonus to incorporating lots of hands on activities, games and tasks in my math classroom. Instead of assigning homework and finding out tomorrow that a student isn't "getting it," I can see it, observe it, and make adjustments to the game and my practice as the lesson is happening.  For the students I mention in my video, I adjusted the game to have those students make two or three digit dividends instead of four digit dividends to allow more time for the model to make sense as students wrestle with this new method for division.


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Divide thousands using Expanded Notation and Pizza

Unit 7: Division with Whole Numbers
Lesson 8 of 16

Objective: SWBAT to review multi-digit multiplication and practice dividing with four digit dividends and one digit divisors in a fast paced coloring game.

Big Idea: Students are able to use their division and multiplication skills in a fun game.

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