Reflection: Intervention and Extension Writing To Inform About Animals - Section 4: Partner Work


Students are seeming to struggle with coming up with the topic sentence and closure. The Proficient work has the topic sentence, three details, and a closure. The Basic Work work lacks closure and has an opinion statement in the paragraph.  

First graders vary greatly in their ability to write so I have to provide Modified Work for some.  One way I modify is by writing what the students say and letting them copy down what I write.  I space it out too so they can find their spot. Sometimes I even keep my finger by the word they are on to help students locate the word they are copying. Other times I use a pointed sticky note to help students find their spot on the page they are copying from.  When I write on the board I often vary colors if I want the students to copy anything and it helps them keep their place.

  Intervention and Extension: Student Work
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Writing To Inform About Animals

Unit 9: Create and Revise an Informational Paragraph
Lesson 1 of 13

Objective: SWBAT write an informative piece about animals we have read about.

Big Idea: This lesson really allows readers to show their knowledge and use of the text to inform a reader.

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lab and dolphin
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