Reflection: Checks for Understanding Main Idea with Dogs - Section 3: Partner Work


I find that it is hard for students to determine the main idea. My Proficient Work does have a main idea as the first sentence followed by two detail sentences. It is either too broad or too specific. The Below Basic work shows a too specific main idea. The first sentence is supposed to be the main idea. The second and third as supposed to be details. I often ask the students, "How can you combine the title and the first sentence." This is a simple way to scaffold the development of a main idea. Now, it does not always work, but it is a start for my young learners. As they learn more about text structure, writing, and get more comprehension practice determining the main idea and supporting detail becomes easier.


  Checks for Understanding: Student Work
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Main Idea with Dogs

Unit 13: Main Idea from an Informational Text
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT locate the main idea in an informational text.

Big Idea: All dog loves come join in a lesson involving informational text about dogs, and teach your students about the main idea and supporting details.

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