Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Questioning What Was Said and What Was Heard!! - Section 3: Let's Get Excited!


My class did spend about 10 minutes looking over the baseball vocabulary. That was not the point of the lesson, but it was time well spent to get the students to the same learning point. When you are discussion a topic with specialized vocabulary, whether is be social studies, science, sports, etc, the students all need to have a basic understanding of the words so the true focus - questioning - can be looked at. 

Students come to my class from all different backgrounds. Boys, girls, low income, high income, academic challenges, gifted - bring them all to a starting point in a lesson and then start from that point. This time reviewing the vocabulary is well spent.

Here's an example of our discussion about one of the vocabulary words - the kids really enjoyed the discourse.

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Take the time to bring the students to the same starting point
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Questioning What Was Said and What Was Heard!!

Unit 9: Questioning - Get to the Heart of the Text!!
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Objective: SWBAT use questioning to determine how the text can be interpreted differently, depending on point of view.

Big Idea: Asking questions helps the reader determine what was said literally and inferentially! What exactly do those words and phrases mean to each character?

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, Listening and Speaking, multiple meanings, 2nd Grade, literal questions, inferential questions, Amelia Bedelia, questioning, Reading Strategies, figurative language
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