Reflection: Rigor Multistep Word Problems, Algebraic Concepts & Equations: Strategy Toward Mastery! - Section 3: Assignment


My students worked hard today. It isn't an exciting lesson, but it contains valuable strategy work.

We had a great time dancing and counting by 7's. It started the lesson, that is rigorous with a fresh mind. Having math after recess is challenging. In winter, they come in half frozen and then hit the warm air that leaves them ready for a nap. I have to combat that from December to March.

I didn't differentiate the core part of the lesson. As CCSS takes hold in our grade level, I am pulling away from the text book more and more, however, I think this assignment is a good one. I saw varying levels of mastery. The highest level students were still leaving out either the equation or the variable. It is my hope that as we progress, they will realize that the equation drives the solution!

Take a look at my student's work to see what they accomplished by doing this simple worksheet.

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Multistep Word Problems, Algebraic Concepts & Equations: Strategy Toward Mastery!

Unit 13: Multiplication Unit
Lesson 8 of 19

Objective: SWBAT set up and solve multistep word problems using a KWS strategy and discern how to identify a variable and label it correctly.

Big Idea: Students will practice solving multi step word problems involving multiplication. Identifying what should be the proper label is the focus!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, multiple step word problems, strategies/word problems, equation
  45 minutes
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