Reflection: Backwards Planning Plot Mapping - In Partners - Section 1: Tell Me The Story...(Paraphrasing)


The difficult thing about developing new curricula is that you don't always know exactly what to expect.  So, backwards planning (knowing where you want to go, then back-mapping the journey to make sure that students have all of the requisite skills,) can be tricky.

In this case, I knew that I wanted the students to write and perform a parody as a culminating activity and that they would need to use a plot map to plan.  We have used plot maps before to break down stories, but I thought it would be useful for students practice this with a narrative poem.  (This might not have been necessary for all students, and today's lesson did run the risk of being too plodding and redundant, but I think it worked out OK.)

The students seemed to enjoy the activity.  Most of my students prefer to work with a partner (though they are always allowed to be "lone wolves") and this work (though simple) kind of seemed to cement their understanding.

  Knowing where you want to go
  Backwards Planning: Knowing where you want to go
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Plot Mapping - In Partners

Unit 1: Narrative Poetry
Lesson 7 of 11

Objective: SWBAT take a narrative poem and break down its plot into five components: Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution.

Big Idea: You think you know the story, but now let's get technical...

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