Reflection: Student Ownership How Much IS a Million? Gaining confidence and fluency in reading numbers to one million. - Section 2: The Core Lesson


This lesson was fun! Students were engaged and excited. I got the results in my assessment and level of comfort that I wanted. Only two students are struggling with wording and simply need more practice!

While the CCSS states that fourth graders need only to master reading numbers up to one million, I noticed that my students WANT to read larger numbers. Being a great teacher means meeting the needs and learning desires of your students. I sensed from my students that they wanted to read the large numbers in the lesson video. I could have chosen a Learnzillion clip that addressed numbers up to hundred thousand, but really like the way this lesson flows and  because I noticed the desire, they would master the larger numbers in  the practice together, and enjoy it. They felt smart. I expect that reading lower digit numbers will be a snap, barring the problems we often see when zeros turn up in the middle of numbers.


I found that my learners grasped it because of the presentation; me, stopping at points that needed to be reinforced, the questioning that encouraged critical thought, and the repetition. I love Ginny's thoughtful "Common Mistake" section that helps us see what mistakes we could possibly make. From that point, I talked about why those mistakes could be made.

 My teaching and questioning "through" this lesson video is what makes the difference. I used enthusiasm for reading numbers in my voice and in my questioning. It makes all the difference with teaching this  part of the standard.

I didn't feel like the Learnzillion video took my fact, it made me excited and I felt I could easily tell if students were not grasping the concept. Being free from a book to teach this is refreshing! Also, their self assessment of progress helped drive the lesson because it gave them the ability to control their learning. I could assess their progress through listening, but also with their input. This helps build the confidence I am looking for as well as the fluency.

  Going above and beyond...taking the risk.
  Student Ownership: Going above and beyond...taking the risk.
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How Much IS a Million? Gaining confidence and fluency in reading numbers to one million.

Unit 11: Place Value
Lesson 1 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to read and write multi-digit numbers up to one million.

Big Idea: Imagining a million of something is a tough thing to do! Reading numbers up to one million is tough too, but becomes easier as students are introduced to the concept by a wonderful movie/book as they gain strength to master the standard.

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