Reflection: Student Feedback Applying Cause and Effect Relationships - Section 3: Closure


While students were writing and sharing with their partners, I walked the room. There were several students who used the key words perfectly to show true cause and effect relationships within their sentences. However, I also noticed that there were several students who used the same key words over and over again without much variance. Because I saw this on more than one sample, it was evident that my directions were not as clear as they should have been. While I didn’t want to give rigid instructions on how students were to write, I did hope they would incorporate more than one key word throughout their writing. Better directions next time!


I also noticed that several students misused keywords in their writing. While it was tempting to interrupt their work and “fix” their usage, I chose instead to let them write and use this as material for re-teaching the next day or in small groups later in the week. This group of students sometimes struggles to maintain writing for extended periods of time and I didn’t want to break any kind of writing momentum they had going!


  Overkill and Misuse
  Student Feedback: Overkill and Misuse
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Applying Cause and Effect Relationships

Unit 6: Non-Fiction: Structures and Features
Lesson 5 of 15

Objective: SWBAT use information learned about cause and effect texts and apply to their nonfiction writing.

Big Idea: In the previous lesson, students learned how to identify if a text were written using the cause and effect structure. Today, students write their own cause and effect passage incorporating important key words.

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