Reflection: Discourse and Questioning The Subtext of Storytelling - Section 3: Work Time


Here is a video of my students using Subtext. They are highly engaged when I use this app, and are more willing to read and respond simply because it's on an iPad.

A note about resources, our school's largest cart of iPads contains 30, but I usually get the cart with 15 iPads. My smallest class has 34 students, so there are always times when my students share iPads. I figure that with the verbal discourse of those sharing iPads, plus the e-discourse on Subtext, those sharing iPads are actually at an advantage because they are discussing the text in two ways.

Here is a video of two students reading an article earlier in the year on Subtext, but you can see them discussing both verbally and electronically.

I guess sharing resources isn't always a bad thing!

  Students using Subtext
  Discourse and Questioning: Students using Subtext
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The Subtext of Storytelling

Unit 2: Short Story
Lesson 1 of 11

Objective: SWBAT: understand why we feel compelled to tell stories.

Big Idea: By reading some articles on Subtext, students get a holistic approach to why storytelling is important.

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