Reflection: Continuous Assessment Building a Dog Kennel Day 3 - Section 4: Wrap Up and Home Practice


I chose to share the journal entry in the previous section,that was done for home practice, in order to discuss the way I create my future mini-lessons.  By quickly looking at this student's entry, I was able to determine that the student was beginning to use the "breaking apart" or decomposing of arrays to find a large area. However, I would begin to work with this student on a few concepts.

1.  Working with base 5 or 10 to break the area down into more manageable sections.

2. Correctly multiplying when the factors are easier to use.

3. Ways to check work after a final product is found. 

I was really pleased, however, to see that this student could communicate in words what her thinking was, the steps to her strategy, and that she knew to break down the larger area into smaller areas and then to add them back together.  This is a huge concept in the common core!


  Home Practice as Assessment
  Continuous Assessment: Home Practice as Assessment
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Building a Dog Kennel Day 3

Unit 3: Using Multiplication to Find Area
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to create the dimensions of appropriately sized kennels for different sizes and types of dogs, given the total area to be used.

Big Idea: Students will be able to use strategies to solve real-world problems involving area and perimeter.

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Math, regions, area (Measurement), Real world problems, factors, multiplication, area of rectangle, products, partition, model with math, recording thinking, square units, spatial structuring, revising thought, array
  60 minutes
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