Reflection: Lesson Planning Building a Dog Kennel Day 1 - Section 4: Active Engagement


This lesson is the beginning of the students working over many days to create smaller areas inside of a larger area. It is important to give them time to "mess" around with the total space, which is why I am asking them to find the large total area.  This time will also help me assess how the students organize to find area.  I was glad to see a few of the kids use a ruler to measure length, instead of counting squares.  This is the next step in finding area!  

Keep in mind, all of the students will attempt these activities in different ways, which is wonderful. However, it means we, as teachers, must watch carefully in order to prepare for the correct next steps.

  To Organize or Not to Organize
  Lesson Planning: To Organize or Not to Organize
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Building a Dog Kennel Day 1

Unit 3: Using Multiplication to Find Area
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to create the dimensions of appropriately sized kennels for different sizes and types of dogs, given the total area to be used.

Big Idea: Students will be able to use strategies to solve real-world problems involving area and perimeter.

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Math, area (Measurement), multiplication, strategies, arrays, skip counting, square units, math partnerhip, decomposes, rectangular regions, spatial structuring, partition, manipulatives, math talk
  50 minutes
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