Reflection: Can You Measure It? - Section 2: Practice


After the discussion during the beginning of the lesson,  I decided to let the students explore different ways of measuring things. I put out a bathroom scale, several spring scales, rulers, measuring cups and centimeter rods (base 10-ten rods) out for students to choose from. I gave each group a rock, a cup of water and a book and asked them to use the measuring tools to measure the items. 

The reason for the lesson plan switch was that students did not seem to be aware of the possibility of measuring in units other than inches. I wanted students to explore these other measures and to see how some units are better for liquids, some for regular solids and some for irregular shapes. 

Student conversations during this exploration activity showed that students were thinking of different ways to measure the same object and getting away from always using a ruler. Students were beginning to critique other's ideas, using mathematical reasoning which supports Common Core learning.

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Can You Measure It?

Unit 1: What and Where is Math?
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT identify at least 3 types of measurement and use these to solve problems.

Big Idea: Measurement is one of the 4 Critical Areas in 2nd Grade Math. At the start of the year, students are exposed to a variety of ideas about what math really is. Measurement is one important areas of math that students don't often think of.

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