Reflection: Standards Alignment Testing Multiplication Concepts - Section 2: The test! Show me what you know about multiplication concepts.


The Test

When we first wrote this test to cover standards 4.OA.C.5, 4.NBT.A.1,4.OA.B.4, two years ago, we neglected to have students write about conceptual understanding. I revamped this test a little for now by simply writing in directions about the prime and composite explanation. This test needs to be completely redone and distributive property needs to be taken off of it for an assessment. The distributive property was included because it was in our math book. CCSS demands that we look carefully, because there really isn't time to be working on things that are not for mastery of standards, or Math Practice Standard related. While I can argue that the distributive property is probably covered under Math Practice Standards, I think that developmentally, my students aren't ready for it.

So why publish this test on BL Next? I think it is an example of how transitions of CCSS take place. It was the result of writing a test quickly without really examining the standards as well as they should have been. We felt that the properties were important to leave on the test because it was part of our math series. But, with CCSS, standards need to be met "as is" with good examples of the Math Practice standards as part. And I can justify teaching them the properties base on third grade standards that require them to know. The problem is that as we transitioned, we noticed gaps in what they should have mastered. As the transition unfolds, next year's students will not need to be tested on properties in 4th grade. The new test will only include prime and composite numbers, finding factor pairs, showing understanding of one digit by one digit multiplication through drawing arrays (an area model) and writing an explanation of understanding. Here is the new exam! CCSS Aligned Multiplication Concepts Assessment


Looking at the test: Here are some samples of the test.


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Testing Multiplication Concepts

Unit 4: Concepts of Multiplication
Lesson 12 of 12

Objective: SWBAT show what they know about grouping, arrays, prime & composite numbers, listing factor pairs, properties, in and out charts & order of operations.

Big Idea: Students take their formal assessment on multiplication concepts.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, arrays, factor pairs, PEMDAS, Function Tables, Prime and Composite, Operations
  55 minutes
ccss aligned multiplication concepts
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