Reflection: Quizzes Digesting the End of Their Eyes Were Watching God - Section 2: Discuss Results of Quiz


Some of the low scores on the quiz can be explained with the students' own admission that they "read." However, some can also be attributed to the fact that they read a good part of it on their own during the Thanksgiving break, which is not something they are used to doing. They did not get the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what they read, like we did with the other chapters they read. This is evident in the marks I made on the scored quizzes. If the answer was right, I left it alone. If the answer was wrong, I circled the right one in red. This is what the first page of the quiz looked like for many. This is what the last page of the quiz looked like for many.

There are some questions on the quiz that had an alternative answer choice that looked right even to the students I know read the novel closely. One question, for example asked about the reason why Janie breaks her silence on the store porch. Many selected the option that said that she did this to insult Jody’s appearance, but the right answer was that she finally decided to tell the men that they don’t know as much about women as they think they do. That students selected the previous choice is evidence of the fact that they did read this part and focused on the most important part, which is that Janie finally stood up to Jody and embarrassed him in front of all those men, a shocking event. I do believe most students read as closely as they are capable of and they do have enough understanding of the story to be able to participate in the discussions and written assignments coming up. I decided to grade this quiz on the curve to give them credit for what they do know and avoid a major negative impact on their grade because of those few tricky questions.

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Digesting the End of Their Eyes Were Watching God

Unit 2: Writing About Their Eyes Were Watching God
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Objective: SWBAT interpret figurative language in a text by using a graphic organizer.

Big Idea: Using a chart to break down the incredible amount of figurative language.

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