Reflection: Perseverance Poetically Speaking: "Beowulf": Language and Poetics Quick Reference Sheet - Section 3: Quiet Perseverance and Taking Time to Annotate in Class


At some point in time teachers began thinking that a quiet classroom is one in which students aren't engaged with their learning. Conversely, a noisy classroom, conventional wisdom now holds, means lots of learning is happening. Both ideas represent extreme positions, neither of which is true all the time. Knowing the type of environment students need is as important as any other decision we make in designing lessons. 

Sometimes our work demands a quiet place where we can contemplate without the cacophony of sound competing for our attention: Quiet Perseverance 

  Perseverance: In a Moment of Silence
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Poetically Speaking: "Beowulf": Language and Poetics Quick Reference Sheet

Unit 6: We Need a Hero: The Anglo-Saxon Epic "Beowulf"
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Objective: SWBAT use the close reading strategy of annotating to demonstrate their understanding of the document "Beowulf": Language and Poetics Quick Reference Sheet.

Big Idea: Annotating supports active learning and engagement as students show their thinking while reading difficult texts.

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English / Language Arts, summarizing, Annotating, Beowulf, Poetic Devices, Anglo
  60 minutes
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