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This lesson seems to be a bit massive. I really needed to make the focus more specific. The real thing I wanted them to do was have a topic sentence, several details, and a closing sentence. I just thought the whole idea of letter writing made the lesson more relevant. Maybe the students needed to be more proficient in the prerequisite skill of using a letter format, or maybe I just always try to cover too much. I believe that breaking this lesson down into several lessons is a good idea. One lesson could be on letter format, one on creating a topic sentence that expresses and opinion, and one lesson on creating a closing sentence.

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I Need A Pet

Unit 14: Opinion Writing and Point of View
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT express their opinion by writing a letter.

Big Idea: This is a fun lesson to allow students to try to convince their parents to buy them a pet of their choice.

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