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As you can see from the student work, the students did fairly well with this practice portion of the lesson.  Some students had difficulty at first determining the scale to use.  I let students make this discovery about scale on their own.  On the very first question, students could easily find the intercepts.  They also noticed right away that the intercepts could not be graphed using a scale of 1 on each access.  This caused them to begin to think about how to graph the line on the given axes.  Most students in the class were able to go up by 2's or 3's in order to make the graph fit.  For those that did not see this right away, I asked for students to help offer ideas to the class.  Once they realized that scaling was an option, they were able to move forward.  However, you can also see from the third student's work that they put negative numbers in the positive portion of the y-axis.  This shows a student who is simply following a procedure without necessarily understanding why they are finding the intercepts for the graph.

In the end, students seemed to catch on rather quickly to this method.  They were able to find the intercepts procedurally.  Most seemed to have a good conceptual understanding of why they were able to use intercepts to graph a linear equation.     

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Graphing Linear Functions Using Intercepts

Unit 2: Linear Functions
Lesson 12 of 19

Objective: SWBAT graph a linear function using the x and y-intercepts.

Big Idea: Finding the intercepts of a function can be a useful way to determine some coordinates that satisfy the equation of that function.

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