Reflection: Students with Disabilities Four Square Notes - Section 2: Labeling the Squares


Students with diverse needs sometimes get frustrated with the little pieces of a lesson. I have a student now that if he becomes too focused on a flaw or becomes stuck he can not move on at all. It might even take me fixing it for him before he will begin to work on the next step of an assignment. The fun part is never being able to tell when these frustrating moments will happen. If you could tell then taking the time to avoid them would occur when planning. 

These situations usually arise when you least expect it. It happened in this lesson for the student I mentioned and more than once. The first I mentioned was when folding the paper. It was easier to trade my example for his paper to help him move on. It then came again when writing the notes. Copying notes from the board is difficult. Instead, I try to paraphrase what we read and come up with a simpler sentence for him to write. I do this while the others are working on their notes. To help me keep an eye on him, I have him in a preferred seat to where I can see him work and check in on him often. 

  Taking Away Frustration
  Students with Disabilities: Taking Away Frustration
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Four Square Notes

Unit 13: Preparing for Research and Note Taking
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: SWBAT write notes about the information they read in an informational text by using squares as a graphic organizer.

Big Idea: This Four Square note model is one any student can create with a piece of paper. It requires folding and labeling the squares for their notes. Students will practice labeling, and through guided practice fill in their squares with notes from text.

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English / Language Arts, comprehension, note taking, Foldables
  30 minutes
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