Reflection: Routines and Procedures What's happening in the story? Day 2 of 2 - Section 3: Socratic Seminar


Today, was the second day my students had an opportunity to participate in a Socratic Seminar on this text. Though we have learned about SS before, it is still a relatively new routine for us, so I reviewed with them the participation rules and the Handing-Off procedures. Today, I added to Discussion Starters: I feel...because.. and I think...because...

I think it is very important to have clear and simple rules of what is expected and then give the students enough time to practice. It is important to practice a little bit at a time. Today, I had thought we would be discussing 3 questions, but I realized as we sat down that 1 question would be good enough. In this case, less is more, and by discussing the question (what have learned about the Library Lady) it allowed the students to get a deeper understanding of this character. 

My goal in creating this discussion forum is to help my students to learn to discuss their ideas and to question those ideas with me facilitating the process. For that to happen, I need to set up a system that is fair and simple. For right now, participation means listening for most, and sharing for some. As we progress into the year, I will be expecting more students to join in the discussion and share more.

What I want to help my students is to listen to each other's ideas and add to the ideas. I want them to feel confident about supporting their claims. That is why the discussion starters for my students are very important.

It is important to keep reviewing the procedures. At the end of the discussion, I restated the ideas that came up. I will keep on doing this because it helps the group remember what was being discussed, and it helps them to take their ideas into their writing.

  Routines and Procedures: Reflecting on Socratic Seminar
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What's happening in the story? Day 2 of 2

Unit 13: Tomas and the Library Lady
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT ask and answer questions about the key details in a literary text.

Big Idea: Will Tomas be brave to go into the library? Who is the Library Lady? How does this story end? Come and find out.

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