Reflection: Student Led Inquiry What's this non-fiction all about? - Section 2: Exploring the Genre


I find myself constantly fighting the urge to step in when students struggle to complete an inquiry task. This sort of task can be difficult, especially initially. Students are so used to being given answers or specific directions for a task that it is difficult for them to just think and reflect on their own. Fight the urge to step in and save the day when you see this struggle. And I say this to myself even as I type these words! Some of our best learning comes when we are forced to think this way. The CORE demands this type of thinking, but even if it didn’t I really believe that students can only become deep thinkers when they are forced to do such tasks. Take the struggle out of the task and students are left “learning” only what they’re told. 


  The Struggle
  Student Led Inquiry: The Struggle
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What's this non-fiction all about?

Unit 6: Non-Fiction: Structures and Features
Lesson 1 of 15

Objective: SWBAT notice features present in non-fiction texts.

Big Idea: To best understand nonfiction texts, students must be able to determine its structures and utilize its features. Today they will examine several texts and note the features they find.

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