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Most students have difficultly staying in the 1st person perspective because they jump back and forth between 1st and 3rd person. However, some have difficulty because they are writing in the 2nd person perspective by talking directly to the reader, “I know you are going to like this story” or “Wait a second, I forgot to mention that today is my birthday” or “You will never believe what happens next”. When I see students writing in 2nd person perspective, I first label it and make sure they see the difference between those parts of their writing and other parts where they are writing in 1st person. I then help them revise their writing so they can include what they were trying to get across through writing in 2nd person but now in 1st person. I never have more than 3 or 4 students that have this issue. Therefore, I either teach this through one-on-one conferences or in a small strategy group. 

  The Difference Between 2nd and 1st Person Perspectives
  Student Grouping: The Difference Between 2nd and 1st Person Perspectives
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How Did it Happen: Writing in First Person Perspective

Unit 11: Personal Narratives: Digging Into Our Toolbox
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Objective: SWBAT write using the first person perspective in order to tell a story.

Big Idea: Instead of just saying that they had an experience, students write what happened in a step-by-step way that introduces the experience to the reader.

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