Reflection: Adjustments to Practice How do You Feel? Brainstorming Emotional Times - Section 1: Introduction


I always start the year off with a personal narrative because students can pick any story from their lives and write about it. However, some years, I don’t have time or the school dictates that I change genres after the first unit. I have found that without this second unit on personal narratives, students have a hard time transitioning their writing from beginning writers who only write for themselves and find it difficult to see their own writing from the perspective of the reader. The first unit only serves as an entry into the ongoing focus in their writing work for the rest of the year. It gets them back into the mind frame of school work and reminds them of some of the writing lessons that have learned previously. However, by teaching another unit in the same genre, students can actually get deeper in their conceptual understanding of writing successful personal narrative writing.

  Personal s, again!?
  Adjustments to Practice: Personal Narratives, again!?
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How do You Feel? Brainstorming Emotional Times

Unit 11: Personal Narratives: Digging Into Our Toolbox
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Objective: SWBAT brainstorm ideas for personal narratives by listing events or moments that are connected to strong emotions.

Big Idea: Emotions are the center of powerful stories. Students reflect on emotions they have felt during important events in their lives.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, brainstorming, narrative voice, personal narratives, 4th grade, publishing, narrative
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