Reflection: High Expectations Rhetoric and Advertising: "So God Made a Farmer" - Section 3: Modeling How to Write About Video


One of my favorite bits of advice when working with student teachers regarding classroom management is to watch a few episodes of "the Dog Whisperer."  Caesar Milan, the star of the show, has a concept for working with dogs where he says to be "calm and assertive."  Because dogs can read emotions so well and respond to those, calmness is essential, and by removing emotions the dogs respond to the assertiveness and see him as the "leader of the pack."  I've found that this concept works well with students, too.  Humans, too, respond very strongly to emotions.  So, when I have a situation like today where I was disappointed with the student responses (since I taught all of them and know they can do better writing), I chose to be direct in saying that the responses were not that good, and that part of their responsibility in an AP class is to practice skills on every assignment, not just on major assessments.  I also spoke a little of how in graduate school there is an expectation of strong work ethic, and that anything less than a "B" is considered failing--and that is my expectation in an AP course, which is kind of the graduate-level course of high school.  So, this was the approach--very direct, and, as I note in my reflection on the next section, it seemed to have a very positive response.

  Setting Expectations
  High Expectations: Setting Expectations
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Rhetoric and Advertising: "So God Made a Farmer"

Unit 2: Understanding Rhetoric
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT use strong evidence to explain their analysis of a video by completing a rhetorical analysis of a video advertisement.

Big Idea: When analyzing a visual text, evidence is just as important as with a written text: it must be strong and specific.

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Reading, English / Language Arts, Comprehension (Reading), advertising, rhetorical device, rhetorical strategy, rhetorical analysis
  65 minutes
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