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I had an extra few minutes during the closure, so I asked for a volunteer to show and explain how he/she solved problem 2d, 5/8 divided by ¼.  In the video, she uses the fraction kit to model and talk through what is going on.  I pushed her to explain that the leftover 1/8 represents ½ of ¼ of a gallon.  This is the most difficult part for students to understand.   The more they hear it and see it the more likely they are able to understand how to deal with the remainder.  After students present work, I ask them to ask the students for comments or questions.  The presenter then calls on students to share.  This forces students to critique student work, rather than look to me as the source of the critique.  After two students agreed with her incorrect answer, I chose to intervene and simply state that I disagreed with her answer.  After another student noted that it should be 2 ½ the presenter quickly realized her mistake and corrected it.

  Discourse and Questioning: Student Presentation of Problem 2d
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Dividing Fractions by Fractions

Unit 4: Fraction Operations
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Objective: SWBAT: • Demonstrate the relationship between multiplication and division involving fractions. • Use visual models to divide a fraction by a fraction. • Develop strategies for dividing a fraction by a fraction.

Big Idea: What do you get when you divide ¼ by ½? What does your answer actually mean? Students continue building their skills and strategies in order to divide fractions by fractions.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, dividing fractions, multiplying fractions, 6th grade, master teacher project, visual models, remainder
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