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Scholastic News magazine articles have proven to be a valuable resource for complex, grade-appropriate, non-fiction informational text.  Although a subscription is useful to access current articles, there are many archived articles available as a free resource on the Internet.  Scholastic News articles provide relevant, complex text regarding current global issues.  The close read involves student-led, teacher facilitated discourse and questioning while examining text-based questions and Tier 2 vocabulary.

  Scholastic News - A Valuable Resource
  Relevance: Scholastic News - A Valuable Resource
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The Dress Code Debate

Unit 5: A Different Perspective
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use a close read and research to debate about whether or not students should have a dress code.

Big Idea: Students use a close read and research to debate about whether or not students should have a dress code.

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