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Words cannot even begin to explain the ability and confidence I am seeing grow within my students.  The task to write an poem using alliteration and onomatopoeia is a task I would have never attempted before.  However, I wanted to push the students to really apply the concepts we are discussing. 

Once giving them the directions, I received the infamous "are you kidding me" stare that often comes with a complex task.  I did take a minute and review the writing process, focusing on brainstorming and how important it is to brainstorm before we write.  This did help the students gather some ideas and allowed them to feel comfortable taking the risk.

I was very pleased with the drafts the students were coming up with on their own.  I often stopped to read student work, even if it was only a line or two.  It was helpful for the students to hear what their peers were creating.  Sharing student work is often the only catalyst you need for performance. 

This was an important lesson for me just as much as it was for the students.  I really learned the importance of pushing and letting go.  As a natural nurturer it is hard for me to let them go, see them fail and realize it is part of the process.  However, the students really demonstrated their abilities and capabilities today!

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  Performance Tasks: Independent Reflection
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Sound Devices

Unit 4: Unit 2: Part II Elements of Fiction
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and analyze alliteration and onomatopoeia usage within text.

Big Idea: The students will bring sound to life by using sound devices to capture a scene.

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