Reflection: Real World Applications Building a Dog Kennel Day 2 - Section 3: Active Engagement


This task is one of true explorative learning.  Each student comes to their own conceptual understanding through trial and error of changing perimeter while keeping area consistent.  This is a difficult task and needs days set aside for the work to occur.  Each day, I will give the students a new "criteria" to work with, thus leading them further into organized thought and outcome.

I find that real world projects, full of various math tasks, are not only motivating, but lend themselves to many valuable mini lessons.  Also, tasks like these are wonderful for all levels of students, which makes our math community strong. 

In visiting with each group, I am able to continuously assess the children's understanding and ability to apply that understanding.  The mini lessons and teachable moments are immediately meaningful, necessary,  and powerful. Be on the look out for various levels and needs and just flow with them. 

  Increasing Understanding and Application
  Real World Applications: Increasing Understanding and Application
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Building a Dog Kennel Day 2

Unit 3: Using Multiplication to Find Area
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to create the dimensions of appropriately sized kennels for different sizes and types of dogs, given the total area to be used.

Big Idea: Students will be able to use strategies to solve real-world problems involving area and perimeter.

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Math, regions, multiplication, arrays, area of rectangle, discourse, measurements, skip counting, math partnership, trial and error, square units, product, decompse, Compose, partition, spatial structuring
  60 minutes
dog kennel lane
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