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My students really enjoyed this activity. As they were working through the closing activity, I realized that this would be a great activity for guided practice and/or an independent activity.  I would use the photos from magazines to model how to write a caption. Independently or with a partner, students can create their own caption for the photo they are given. 

If you do not have an animal unit to partner this lesson with, or you are teaching this at a different time, this alternate activity might be something you would like to use.

*I have used this activity as a reinforcement mini lesson for some of my students who were having a difficult time understanding what a caption really is supposed to be. Some of my students were just writing that there was a polar bear. I wanted them to move past just stating the animal, and to tell what was happening in the photo. In the mini lesson, we discussed not only what animal was in the photo, but what the animal was doing in the photo (the where and why). After discussing the photo, I wrote down what they said. We did this for a few photos. I put the index cards under the photos and laid them in front of the students. I asked them what text feature where the words on the index cards representing. They "saw" that they were the captions for the photos. They were able to make the connection between the discussion and writing the caption. See the resource section for some of their captions.

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Caption This

Unit 1: Learning from Nonfiction
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify and create captions for a nonfiction text

Big Idea: What's my caption?

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