Reflection: Comparing Multi-Digit Whole Numbers - Section 2: Concept development


As you can see in my reflection video, I really focused on not only the content of comparing numbers today, but also MP.3. My students did a great job using the phrase, "I think that _____ because______."  I loved seeing how hard they worked to be able to use that phrase.  Talking about math has to be explicitly taught, just as content does.



Today's lesson also finally felt like it had a really good flow. I should remember from years passed, that it does take awhile to get into the routine of things and get things moving. Today was the day.... the 11th day of school. :)

So many of my students talk about the greater and less than symbols as alligators.  I really tried to stress today that while that is a helpful visual for some students, we all need to learn which symbol is which because eventually they will do math that doesn't always use numbers, like in high school algebra. 

Today's lesson also helped solidify in my students minds the place names and the unit names. They were much better at naming large numbers today and are requiring less thinking time to do so.

  A good flow
  A good flow
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Comparing Multi-Digit Whole Numbers

Unit 8: Place value
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: SWBAT compare whole numbers based on place value of the digits, using >, <, or = to record the comparison.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students use a place value chart as a tool for comparing large numbers.

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