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In the beginning of the year, I often have the majority of the class pretend to work through the steps. Know what I mean? Kind of like during independent reading when you see a student “reading” the same page for ten minutes. You know - eyes glazed, not moving, no page turning for minutes on end. I found that the same thing was happening during editing. They would skim over their page without making any changes and cross off a letter at the bottom of the page. In fact, they could go through all four steps in less than four minutes! They would turn in their drafts to me when they were “done” and there would be not one colored pencil mark on their pages.

I found that they needed an editing “bootcamp.” During one entire period we worked through each step multiple times until they nearly begged me to stop! I had them first check over their own papers for capitalization. Then they switched with a partner and did the same thing. Then I had them switch again - and again - and again until they had checked five other drafts. We then moved on to punctuation and repeated the process. They checked their own papers, then five others. Same with spelling and organization. They were so sick of editing by the end of the period that I’m pretty sure none of them ever wanted to hear the word “COPS” again! Now this was a little extreme (and took a lot of time!), but it got their attention! I explained that when they were given independent work, they were responsible for completing it and that I was trusting them to actually do the task given. If they showed me that they could not be responsible while working independently, then they gave me no choice but to turn it from an independent task to one we would do together one painstaking step at a time. They got the message and tried much harder the next time they were asked to edit a piece of their work!

  Accountability: Pretending
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Personal Narratives: Editing Your Draft

Unit 5: The Personal Narrative
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Objective: SWBAT use COPS to edit their personal narrative drafts.

Big Idea: Time to check for the little, but important details. Are the beginning of your sentences and capital nouns capitalized? Sentences punctuated? Words spelled correctly? Does your piece make sense to a reader? How about your t's and i's? Crossed and dotted?

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