Reflection: Student Ownership Personal Narratives: Narrowing Your Choice - Section 2: Setting a Purpose


Don’t be afraid to use your students as teachers. Sometimes I think there is a feeling that, as teachers, we must always have the answers and that our examples will fix any problem in the room. I’ve found that sometimes students have examples that are much more relevant and thinking that is much more relatable to their peers than what we can conjure up for them! As I shared in another lesson, today’s lesson was another perfect example of this. Of course I was well prepared with examples of my own to share that I had hoped would help students find the heart of their piece. However, after working with students, it was clear that there were better examples in the room. Had I stubbornly stuck to my own examples, there may have been some students in the room who wouldn’t have been successful in the day’s task. Instead, I’m always open to anything or any person that can help all students find success in whatever we are doing!

  There's more than one expert in the room
  Student Ownership: There's more than one expert in the room
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Personal Narratives: Narrowing Your Choice

Unit 5: The Personal Narrative
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT narrow the focus of their personal narrative topic to what's really important.

Big Idea: Students have selected a topic for their final personal narrative writing project. Now, they must decide the heart of the moment and begin writing.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, personal narrative, narrative, writing ideas
  40 minutes
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