Reflection: Student Feedback Informational Writing: Grabbing my Attention from the Hook to Concluding Paragraphs - Section 4: Independent Practice: Samples Please!


It is amazing to hear the reasons students gave for ranking the sample paragraphs in this lesson from strong to weak. When planning this lesson, I wanted students to collaborate in ways that would allow them to (1) view their own perspective about writing, (2) listen to other perspectives, and (3) consider the pros and cons of both perspectives before making a final verdict for thier case. 

Many students went into great detail (student sample 1student sample 2, and student sample 3) as to why a paragraph fits into a certain slot. Unsurprisingly, students used their own interests to evaluate sample writing prompts in this lesson. While this rationale was good for students, it sparks a conversation on how personal interests cannot be a factor in evaluating writing. 

  Student Feedback: Editing Paragraphs Reflection
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Informational Writing: Grabbing my Attention from the Hook to Concluding Paragraphs

Unit 9: Narrative Writing Workshop
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT develop and strengthen writing samples of compare and contrast introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

Big Idea: Hook Me from the Beginning to End of your Essay!

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