Reflection: Conferencing Let's Take a Look (Author study, Day 4 of 5) - Section 2: Small Group Conferences


After I conference with students and I see their edited work, I reflect on the choices I made for grouping and for teaching points. This set of conferences was successful. 

You can see how one of the students that had added opinion statements erased them after the conference. 


The student with spelling difficulties, was able to correct the mistakes I had circled, using the resources posted in the room (and I caught her looking at resources during writing the next day!).

  Conferencing: Results from conferences
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Let's Take a Look (Author study, Day 4 of 5)

Unit 4: Writing informational/explanatory text
Lesson 5 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create closing sentences for their informational paragraphs; SWBAT make corrections and strengthen their writing with guidance and support.

Big Idea: Self-editing skills are developed over time; conferencing with a teacher is a good first step.

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