Reflection: Debate Saving Endangered Animals Debate - Section 3: Saving Endangered Species Debate


I did find it necessary to address a common misconception for several of my students that a debate is simply an argument.  I explained to them that a debate is a discussion in which you present opposing viewpoints.  Although, there is a dictionary definition which cites a debate as a "fight" or a "quarrel," it is not in that sense that we conduct classroom debates.  Debates are a vehicle for students to express their opinion assertively and in a respectful manner on a relevant issue or topic.

  Debate vs. Argument
  Debate: Debate vs. Argument
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Saving Endangered Animals Debate

Unit 1: Endangered Animals
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT debate the pros and cons of saving endangered animals.

Big Idea: Students explore the pros and cons of saving endangered animals through a debate.

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