Reflection: Self-Talk Let's Just Talk About It - Section 1: Warm Up


Minute Speaking is a fun and interactive activity for the class.  They love when we have a few extra minutes between classes or before lunch to get a few in.

In the case of this example, I chose it because of the way the student handled a pretty hideous topic, in my opinion.  Unlke some of the others she could have picked at random: Favorite food...What place would you visit if you could?...Who is your role model?  She gets something about a Zombie Apocolypse.  She handled it with grace, instead of abandoning her turn, which many would choose to do in such a situation.  She expertly slogged through her minute by distracting from the difficulty of the topic, and going off on a tangent.

I could say that I'd censor all of the topics I felt weren't "good ones," but the truth is, I only censor the innapropriate, if they show up.  By removing the ones I don't like, I'd take away some of the fun the kids have.  I've also been proven wrong in guessing their ability to talk about some of the weirder things. 

If the right kid gets the right card, the minute can be fabulous. And if not, well- the video example shows how it might just work out anyway!

  Reflecting on Minute Speaking
  Self-Talk: Reflecting on Minute Speaking
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Let's Just Talk About It

Unit 1: Communication Nation:Writing With Audience and Purpose in Mind
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: TSWBAT communicate their topic using details to support main ideas in a reporting format.

Big Idea: Let's face it- sometimes, it's just easier to talk...

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