Reflection: Real World Applications St. Jerome and The Wife of Bath's Prologue - Section 4: Tracing the History of a Stereotype


When assigning students complex texts like "The Wife of Bath's Tale" I think it's important to stop and look at the history of ideas contained within the text. This is also a good place to show how informational texts like a relbury Tigious or philosophical treatise can influence a work of literature Canterbury Tales. This seeks helps students understand how texts can "speak" to one other, and help readers gain insight into the history of ideas.

I think what's so fascinating about this lesson is that it took students almost no time to find 21st century equivalents to the ideas present in St. Jerome.  

  Looking at Stereotypes
  Real World Applications: Looking at Stereotypes
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St. Jerome and The Wife of Bath's Prologue

Unit 7: Canterbury Tales - The Wife of Bath's Tale
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT read a primary source document and trace the history of ideas from that document until today.

Big Idea: Where do many of our stereotypes of women come from? How do they manifest themselves in modern day?

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English / Language Arts, Research and Technology, research methods (Writing), outlining, analyze details and draw conclusions, Canterbury Tales, The Wife of Bath, St. Jerome, History of ideas, organization, irony, Subtext, difficult vocabulary, word etymologies, purpose and audience
  50 minutes
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