Reflection: Rigor It's All an Allusion! Not Illusion! - Section 3: Guided Practice


Have you ever been prepared for battle, knowing the fight was going to be a tough one and then the moment you are ready to strike, all the tension built up ready to come out in the form of intimidation and raw energy ready to face the beast head on, the beast walks up and hands you the white flag, rolls over and succumbs to your every need?

That is how I felt today! Allusion is a concept that is incredibly complex because of the level of background knowledge the reader has to bring to the task.  In our diverse nation, students do not come with the same background that they may have once had and that makes understanding allusions a difficult and complex task. 

However, the students proved today that their abilities with context clues can power them through even some of the most difficult tasks.  They worked incredibly well on the guided practice, discussing and sharing what they knew and or thought about the topic.  Students were sharing their knowledge of the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale to students with no knowledge of that story.  They shared their knowledge of Greek Myths with excitement to assist others who were less familiar with the stories.  It was such a great moment in the classroom to empower the students with the abilities to teach and through that teaching learn and demonstrate understanding. 

The only thing I would have done differently is I would have provided them with more examples and problems to work through.  I felt they could have kept going and it would have been beneficial. 

  Allusion Work
  Rigor: Allusion Work
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It's All an Allusion! Not Illusion!

Unit 4: Unit 2: Part II Elements of Fiction
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and analyze the literary device of allusion.

Big Idea: Students will analyze song lyrics, prose, and poetry for allusion and then create their own examples.

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