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Students were very familiar with the concept of searching on the Internet…to look up videos on YouTube! I only got a few hands raised when I asked if they had ever searched the Internet to find information. I was surprised by that, so I asked if they had ever looked for something on YouTube. Hands shot up and they became very animated. They shared out popcorn style things they looked up. It ranged from SpongeBob to learning how to play a video game. I asked how they looked for the information to see because I wanted to know whether or not they used key words. They said they would type in a sentence or question to get the video they wanted. Because of this it was a small challenge to get them accustomed to using keywords instead. Summarizing information is a higher order thinking skill, so students had to decide which words were most important to use to conduct a search. It is good to keep this in mind if students find the skill challenging initially.

  YouTube: Who Knew?
  Real World Applications: YouTube: Who Knew?
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Words Are the Key

Unit 14: Writing Informational Text
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT use keywords to locate information relevant to a given topic efficiently.

Big Idea: Students learn how to generate and input keywords into a search engine to conduct an Internet search on a given topic.

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