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Often teachers will teach a complete literature unit and add the essay assignment on at the end. I like to blend the literature with the writing. This allows me to use the literature as a springboard for writing. 

For example, Beowulf tells the story of a hero. Within the epic, we learn about what the Anglo-Saxons value and love. I want students to connect both the story and the value system to their own lives. Thus, I consider the literature when planning the writing tasks so that they inform one another. Creating "I <3 Maps" help make the literature relevant to students' lives and help them identify writing topics for their upcoming formal narrative/descriptive assessment. 

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I <3 Maps : Writing What We Love

Unit 4: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On: Innovative Approaches to Teaching Narration and Description
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Objective: SWBAT create a "I Heart" Map and use it as the basis for a free-write/prewrite for the upcoming narrative/descriptive essay.

Big Idea: Heart Mapping is an effective brainstorming and prewriting strategy.

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English / Language Arts, descriptive essay, Quick Write, Narrative Writing, I <3 Maps
  55 minutes
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