Reflection: Debate A Date from the Beginning: Climax in A Streetcar Named Desire - Section 3: Argumentative Writing: Is Stanley a dose of reality or barbarity?


My experiences teaching this lesson have been quite positive.  I have not received any negative criticism based on the content from either students or parents.  However, I have tread very carefully in presenting this lesson to ensure that my students can handle the emotional seriousness of the content.  My suggestion is to teach Streetcar at the end of the year or semester when teachers have an opportunity to measure the emotional maturity of students.  It is possible to teach this play and skim over the final action in Scene Ten.  Some students will not understand that Blanche is being raped.  Teachers will have to use judgment in either fielding questions about the action or specifically pointing out the circumstances of the intimacy.  Again, I teach in an urban school district where the presentation of sensitive issues is left to our professional judgment.  My judgment has always served me well.

  Supporting an Argument
  Debate: Supporting an Argument
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A Date from the Beginning: Climax in A Streetcar Named Desire

Unit 5: The Elements of Drama: A Streetcar Named Desire
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Objective: SWBAT write arguments using reasoning and relevant and sufficient evidence to support claims of why Stanley preys on Blanche when it becomes clear that she is mentally unstable.

Big Idea: Is Stanley's "date" with Blanche destiny or treachery?

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