Reflection: Complex Tasks Structuring and Brainstorming Our Own Writing - Day 2 Honeybees - Section 3: Independent Practice


     What surprised me with today's lesson was how much scaffolding I had to do.  The highest achieving student in my class was very unsure of himself.  He would say, "I'm confused.  What are the important words in this detail.  What should I put on the line."   This really surprised me.  So I spent longer on the lesson than I thought I would.  I would sit down with a student and scaffold by underlining certain words in the detail so they would have an idea of how to pick out the important words in the detail sentence.  This is so important because I am trying to move everyone towards independence.  The Common Core standards want our first graders to be able to find several books on a topic, pick out information and then write an expository text with that information.  I am eventually wanting my students to do this and when they research on their own I want them to be able to pick out what is important when researching.  We will eventually get to that point if we continue to practice with rigorous and complex lessons such as these. 

I have two videos for you.  The first video is of some of my high achieving and average students completing the task and the questions I asked them to try and support and move them to completing this task.  The second video is of one of my strugglers (who is not in that lowest reading group either ) who brought me her paper and it was done completely wrong before I could get to her.  You will see how I had to scaffold in order for her to be successful.  I felt by the end she was starting to understand the process and she just needed some more modeling.

  Complex Tasks: Scaffolding Independent Practice
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Structuring and Brainstorming Our Own Writing - Day 2 Honeybees

Unit 2: Introduction to Expository Writing About Honeybees
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT take the most important information from the story and categorize it on a Tree Map to brainstorm and structure their own writing.

Big Idea: I am a real author! I am going to plan and structure my writing just like a real author does.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, categorizing, Tree Map
  37 minutes
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