Reflection: Routines and Procedures Find it on the Number Line! - Section 2: Guided Practice


If someone would’ve told me I’d be teaching Common Core with a bead and a simple piece of paper, I would’ve laughed.  But here’s the thing:  I’m teaching Common Core—in Fall—to kids who have very, very limited early academic backgrounds.  If I don’t start slow—okay, maybe at a snail’s pace, in this case—I will be kicking myself, trying to mask student and my failure, and trying to back-pedal to fix cracks in the foundation. 

Even something as simple as how to move from left to right on a number line is new, and well, it’s basic, but it’s a procedure we will be using all through addition on number lines---and eventually, subtraction. 

If we teach it right from the start, they will get it right.  Laying it out so simply and so clearly, practicing again and again, until even that kiddo who never left Mama before walking into kindergarten a few months’ back and was as unprepared as a little guy could possibly be—even that kiddo has confidence and that unmistakable feeling of, “I’ve got this.”  Because if they don’t have this, all that follows will be a complicated, confusing mess.

It’s simple.  It’s a bead and a paper.  But for my buddies—it’s necessary.

  How SLOW can you go?
  Routines and Procedures: How SLOW can you go?
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Find it on the Number Line!

Unit 1: Addition on the Number Line
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT correctly identify a number on the number line.

Big Idea: Before students can ADD on a number line, they need to be familiar with FINDING numbers on a line! This is especially helpful early in the year or with very beginning learners.

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we can move our beads just right
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