Reflection: Perseverance Multiple-Step Problems - Section 4: Closure


As a teacher, we must ensure that our students keep trying until they master the skills.  In this lesson, the students had difficulty identifying the hidden questions.  They were able to do the calculations to find the ultimate answer, but they could not explain what questions were answered to go along with their calculations.  I feel that students must be held to a high standard.  More practice with "thinking" tasks will help to lead the students to mastery of higher-order thinking.

  High-Order Thinking
  Perseverance: High-Order Thinking
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Multiple-Step Problems

Unit 6: Problem-Solving Strategies
Lesson 6 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify the hidden question in a multi-step problem and use it to solve the question being asked of them.

Big Idea: Multi-step problems may require students to solve a hidden question before they can solve the original question.

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multi step word problems
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