Reflection: Rigor Analyzing Key Ideas and Details - Day 1 Honeybees - Section 3: Independent Practice


     Oh my gosh was this a rigorous activity!  This really separated the boys from the men you could say.  I knew I would need to help my strugglers but some of my high achieving were unsure of themselves.  You can see in the video that some really wanted help and asked a lot of questions which was fine.  I really tried to turn it around on them and ask them questions as well to really get them thinking.  Many of them quickly made progress and are better at finding the main idea and details in a story.


    In the second video one of my students really listened and was able to use the strategy I taught them about narrowing down the last two sentences in the paragraph and testing them out to see which one is the main idea and which one is the detail sentence.  Some of them really got it and I had to scaffold and ask a lot of questions for others.  This won't be the only expository writing we will do on animals.  We are going to keep writing and analyzing and I am looking forward to seeing progress in the weeks to come.

  Rigor: Scaffolding Independent Practice
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Analyzing Key Ideas and Details - Day 1 Honeybees

Unit 2: Introduction to Expository Writing About Honeybees
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT analyze and record the key ideas and details in an informational text using the structure of the text to help them.

Big Idea: You mean there's a certain structure to a piece of writing?

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, main idea and details
  32 minutes
honeybees day 1
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