Reflection: Checks for Understanding Writing a Persuasive Letter: Preparing the Final Copy - Section 2: The Final Step


The exit tickets have been read and looked over and they were hilarious!!  Hilarious is a good thing in this case because some kiddos showed some real thinking and understanding.  One boy said that he could use persuasion to get his sister to do his chores.  One said that he could use it to get his mom to buy him things.  One girl said that she could use persuasion to get One Direction to come to her birthday party!!  These were the highlight answers and there were many others.  I think, though, for the most part, they got it!!

  Reflection: What They Learned
  Checks for Understanding: Reflection: What They Learned
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Writing a Persuasive Letter: Preparing the Final Copy

Unit 12: Ask Ellen!! Writing a Persuasive Letter
Lesson 3 of 3

Objective: SWBAT to self edit and peer edit a persuasive letter to be sent for consideration.

Big Idea: Look the part- sound the part!!

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