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For my openers, I try to continually spiral in previous material, so that information is not lost or forgotten.  For this opener, the first two problems are unit rate problems - the second one
contains the word "per" and is more obviously a unit rate problem. Students were able to easily solve the second problem, but struggled a bit with the first.  Not only did the first problem not contain the word per, but it required students to compare paint to walls, not walls to paint as the order of delivery of facts in the problem might suggest.  Proportional reasoning is a major work of the 7th grade, and we spent an entire nine weeks on that strand of the common core - I will certainly continue to practice PR questions during opener time, and I will make sure that not all questions are obvious in what they are asking.

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Opener Reflection
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Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers

Unit 4: Operations with Rational Numbers
Lesson 20 of 23

Objective: Students will be able to multiply and divide positive and negative rational numbers.

Big Idea: Where does the point go? Students will take a look at a previously learned skill with a new twist – decimals with signs!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, 7th grade, signed decimals
  62 minutes
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